Official server eu 3202 gone

Ive been playing on official server eu 3202 for days now and died so many times and lost gear so many times cuz this broken as hell! Im lvl53 and last night gamr crashes and server 3202 eu disapeared. This game isnt a full game its early acces alpha state if u guys dont fix my server or get it up soon im done withgames game not gonna start over on another server just the same thing can rehappen also give ingame notice for ps4 when u go offline for updates cuz i died alot cuz u guys dont notice so u by killed us and stole our stuff brcuz of it

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Is there any update on this?
Last night a moderator confirmed this.
When will it be working again?
Was planning in playing that weekend…

Sever 3202 is back

Cant go online today sadly. Is everything still there or got anything wiped?