9/18/2021 QSR Second Annual End of Summer Bash

Join DJ Malak, DJ Raygun, and Lucid as they celebrate the Summer that was, one last time! You can visit www.quantumstateradio.com to listen AND see our showtimes and any other events we’ve got going on! Hope to see you at the beach! There’ll be a map with the location coming shortly!



When: Saturday September 18, 2021
Where: Fountain in front of Temple Hall

Lucid, DJ Raygun, and myself will be sharing the stream and our setlists for one last celebration of Summer. Join us for amazing music, a fun time, and a great group of people as we say farewell to Summer! You can tune in at www.quantumstateradio.com anytime for great music on the DJbot, but make sure you catch the party!

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