The Rift with DJ Malak

I’m live every Friday night at 7pm Eastern. We hang down in Brooklyn Bridge Park and play music for about three hours! I take live requests and frequently have themed shows! You can tune into the music @ and join us for an amazing way to start your weekend!


I’m live again tonight @ 7pm in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Tune in @ and meet up on Malak! We’re right by the Anima Well!

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I’m up again tonight for The Rift! I’ll be in Brooklyn @ 7pm Eastern tonight giving you 3+ hours of music and fun! Join us, and tune in @ Even if you can’t make it to the park, you can still enjoy the party!


I’m live at 7pm Eastern again tonight with this week’s edition of The Rift! We’re partying down in Brooklyn Bridge Park for 3+ hours! Come for the dancing and bring your requests! Tune in at and start the weekend off right!