90% in game every day

CANT harvest crystals
Can’t do the event
Can’t use dye
Getting stuck almost everywhere in the map
Getting disconnected more than 4 times in one hour
Other than the event, is been happening for months now.
But to buy from the bazaar, that works perfect, no problem with that.


Not sure if you were already aware of this, but they disabled harvesting crystal with pickaxes. You have to hold the interaction button (X on xbox) to pick them up manually. It’s a PITA but it is what it is.

Dye benches are the only places to dye armors now. It’s stupid AF but, well, see above.

I think the event has to be manually started or something. If nothing else, it doesn’t begin until you’re level 20 so that might be part of it if you’re not 20+

Disconnects: Not sure what the problem is with that. Could be server related, could be local related. Check your router and systems to make sure everything’s on the up and up. See if anyone else on the server is struggling too. Collect the information and make a bug report if needed

Bazaar: I hate this thing. To the fires of Hades with it


Nobody can anymore, use sorcery to gather humongous amounts.

Use a dye bench. If your dye bench is old, dismantle it and fix a new one.

This is a problem that many officials have indeed. Especially if you play on official server away from your region and it’s over populated it becomes nightmare.

What exactly is can’t do the event? You have to walk in the night away from your base to have a were hyena attack you. As soon as you gather 11 fangs you can start the event.

Don’t be so sure about it :rofl:.
I had a couple times issues with Crom coins purchase. Of course it was solved quickly, but you cannot say…

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