I cant Harvest Crystal


Platform: XBOX
SERVER: Official #2210 PvE

I cant harvest crystal in the fame inside caves, i dont know why, but no matter how much i hit the crystal with my pick, there is no update in my inventory.

The only crystal i found was as a rare drop mining iron.

Without the crystal i cant finish the sorcery journey.

What can i do?

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This changed a while back, you can’t harvest crystals with anything but hand or spell.


Sorry read the title and thought " Is this a new tik tok dance?".


I know Harvey the invisible rabbit. But who is this Harvey Crystal? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Like @DeaconElie said you cannot harvest crystals with tools anymore from Crystal nodes. From Crystal nodes you gain crystals only by picking them up one by one ir use the harvesting spell of sorcery. Every cave with sorcery will give you thousands of crystals in moments. So get corrupted and enjoy the only good reason this spell exists.


Hahahahha i just edit the title, but it was fun to read


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