Crystal is bugged

So, no matter wich cave you go but the crystal caves are bugged.

For example the crystal cave next to unnamed city eith imps.

You hit a crystal, you get crystal once.
Than the crystal stays, so you grab it by hand. (sometimes you get something, but alot of the time you dont get anything.)
If you keep trying to hit it with a pickaxes, nothing happens.

Pre update the cave gave 15k-20k crystal with a starmetal tool.
Now after the update i did get 3418 from that whole cave.

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I can also confirm this

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It seems to me several harvest yields changed with the last update.

I think this may be related to the change in material requirements of recipes.

Its hard to say what the intended yield on items is, post update.

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Same problem is occuring for gossamer btw.
Some can be hitted, some cant. And if you did hit them, the gossamer doesnt disappear.

So if you running around in a circle, you never know wich gossamer spot you already did farm.

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