9999 Ping on Official Server Europe

Game mode: [ (Online)]
Type of issue: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Server type : [| Official server #1143 PvP]
Region: [EUROPE]

[Describe the bug here]
I was playing on official serveur #1143 with friend when it’s no more possible to connect…
The ping is at 9999 for almost 99% of European serveur.
I have no mod, no DLC, and not the new “The Isle of Siptah”
I am vaniha player only.

1 - I tried to change my internet connection > No results
2 - I fully re-installed the game > No results
3 - I removed all firewall or any software which can block the connection > No results
4 - I re-installed BattleEyes > No results

I am disappointed because poeple without extension cannot play anymore…
We are 4 guys, 2 with extension and 2 without: 2 can play and the 2 other not… suspicious and hilarious situation … Refound if it’s mandatory to buy new DLC to play the game i paid.

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