A custom story/puzzle/quest made with Pippi (video)

Hi everyone,

Since my last posts/videos, I purchased and moved to my own server (fancily called Arcanum of the Lost), as I really wanted to create something using the wonderful Pippi mod. So first I tried to recreate some of the things I’ve built on other servers (well, mainly Beyond the North Wind), then I wrote a series of NPCs with dialogues and quests, and weaved them together with a puzzle building. The result is a sort of a horror-ish story, or perhaps a rather gothic one (with some Lovecraft influences, no doubt).

I made a video trying to showcase this, without giving too much spoilers, of course. The music used in it might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Conan Exiles, but (some words aside) I found it fitting the actual story I wrote there, really well. As per the song’s author’s youtube page, I’m allowed to use it for my own videos with the proper attributions. You can find them in the video’s description on youtube.

So, here it goes:

I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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That sounds super intriguing - thanks for sharing! We’ll definitely check it out :slight_smile:

Thanks! You’re definitely welcome to try :slight_smile: