A friend is having CTD when trying to join our server

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Custom (please specify)
Server Name: TheExilesHaven
Mods: Pippi.pak ModAdmin.pak TotChat.pak SlaveWarsServer.pak DungeonMasterTools.pak Beyond_Decor_II.pak ModControlPanel.pak BarbarianBarber.pak immersivearmor.pak GrimProductions.pak Shinoboru_productions.pak WonderBody.pak AkubaSalon.pak femaleNewFaces.pak Shanis-Stuff.pak RA.pak EvilsCabinet.pak Pythagoras_Support_Beams.pak SandAndStone.pak RestrictedExiles.pak Beyond_Forge.pak ExilesExtreme.pak UnlockableContainers.pak Improved_Quality_of_Life.pak RoleplayRedux.pak TestingRaceMod.pak Devious_Desires.pak WeatyArmorPack.pak WAP_WonderbodyAddon.pak Dudes_Creative_Constructions.pak Ancient_Armor.pak No_Building_Placement_Restrictions.pak HighHeels.pak LCDA_gameplay.pak VTMod.pak

Bug Description:

CTD very shortly after entering the server, this is the error message that they got: Fatal error: [File:C:\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 805] Rendering thread exception: Fatal error: [File:C:\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 181] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0020 - ‘INTERNAL_ERROR’) !0x0000000000000000Fatal error: [File:C:\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 805] Rendering thread exception: Fatal error: [File:C:\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 181] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0020 - ‘INTERNAL_ERROR’) !0x0000000000000000


Thank you for reaching out to us. Here are some ideas of what could impact or provide that error message. Please ask your friend to try the following:

  • Update Windows (no need to change to Win11 though, just update the current version you have)
  • Update Graphics Driver
  • Change to Default Graphics Card
  • Verify files in Steam
  • Disable NVIDIA Geforce/ AMD Radeon Experience Battery boost
  • Disabling Antivirus/Firewall Software
  • Turn off Overclocking and SLI Technology
  • Reduce PC’s energy consumption

Make sure to reach out if the issue still persists.

We hope this helps!

Thanks for your quick response, unfortunately they say the error keeps happening after trying the solutions you kindly provided, any other idea what could be wrong? Thanks in advance for your help!!

After trying all that it’s not working unfortunately… Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance

I have the same error on Steam with my new RX 7900XT and only in Conan Exiles, but i think its an UE error not the game itself.
Trying all the tips a fresh Windows 11 and older drivers but nothing helped.

Does he get the same if he enters a single player game with the same mods?

This applies for both you and OP.
In the above list, both of you probably kindly skipped over this step:

Very often factory-overclocked GPUs are pushed a bit further than what works well with Conan. The game seems to be among the more sensitive ones to instability, so even if there’s a tiny bit of it that’s acceptable for most games, it might not be for some.
You can get something like MSI afterburner or the overclocking software of your own GPU (either will work) and bump it down by ~30 Mhz or so to test if it’s still happening. So actually downclock it a bit.

But Underclocking not working and i dont have a Crossfire(SLI) Option as long i have only one gpu.

After 2 days of testing i found the setting that cause the error. The effects setting on high or higher breaks the game.

Now i have the highest setting on 4k and its working.
But it cant be a solution to play on low or middle effect settings so we need a fix.

Nah, that’s going to be something GPU / driver specific. Not necessarily either’s fault directly, just some effect setting being applied that the AMD driver with that GPU has an issue with.

I have mine on High settings with an Nvidia card so it’s not something that can be generalized, however that’s good information and will probably be useful for the devs so good job on finding it! :slight_smile: