A Hidden Wheel of Choice in Interface

I am currently on the PS4.
This occurred on Official PVE Server 3500

Something odd happened last night during my game session.

Those familiar with the PlayStation interface will know that we currently have 2 Wheels of Choice; the primary Wheel of Choice for equipment and consumables, and the secondary Thrall Commands Wheel of Choice.

I was at the Battle Pass Challenges tab.
At this point some combination of inputs took me to a Wheel of Choice I had never seen before.

The wheel had 4 options. 2 of them were Battle Pass and Bazaar. I don’t recall what the other two were for.

I was not able to reproduce this.

Has anyone else encountered this?’

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I have run into them when attempting to command thralls. Not sure how to duplicate have not tried would rather have picked up a branch or stone that was not needed. To many things on one button could be a time to hold and my controller is old. Will have to pay more attention. @Rollotomozi

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All you need to do is click left in the directional cross…
It’s not realy hidden. :wink:
Clockwise the choices are Bp, Challenges, Journey and Bazaar.

Playstation doesn’t have a “left click.” And yeah, it’s hold down right on the dpad I think… or maybe right? I forget.

Left. :wink: Right is the map.

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Lol… I can’t believe I said “right” twice. I wanted to say “or maybe left” lmao… I was talking to someone when I was typing that. Curse you, multitasking!

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Dude, that happens to me so often you wouldn’t believe it. Like forgetting you call dpad to the “directional cross” in spite of playing on PS over decades! :grin:

Yeah, I call it the dpad regardless. Kinda like every tissue is a Kleenex.

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You call it properly. It’s me who forgot. :smile:

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Well, color me embarrassed.
I didn’t realize this has been added.
My muscle memory has been conditioned to ignore the left digi pad.
Thanks to all who helped me come to a better understanding

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