L1+D-pad switchable hotbars

As of now, the PS4 has one eight-slot hotbar available when pressing L1. It’s somewhat annoying when building a lot or when using a bow to switch arrows easily.

I noticed that the d-pads have no function if you’re holding L1.

How about having four hotbars available to switch around using the L1+d-pad? Would make building things SO much easier. Among other things.

It shouldn’t be a problem nor a long task in UE4.

Thank you!

PS: I’m a game developer in Austin and I love your game guys. Keep y’all’s heads up and keep doing the things you do. This is my first first Funcom title and if I were able to leave Austin for new work, Funcom would be one my places to apply. Thank you!

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The 512 ATX!!!

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