A live server message function?

It would be really useful for admins if we could send a message to all active players. One that would appear on screen as we send it. Obviously limited and with spam precautions for less responsible admins…

But in cases like setting changes that need a restart. Or maintanance. Or events and changes from pve to pvp times .

It just seems it could be a usefull function along side the message of the day.

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Still waiting for text chat myself… (mute) so have next to no reliable way to talk to anyone outside slow PSN chat that takes forever to get to now. XD

Text Chat over all, would solved alot of issue of Admin could type in “global” or “World” chat.
Have /say for near by, and /zone for area. etc


There is actually a switch on the server master controls on gportal. To activate global voice chat. But I honestly feel the local chat is glitchy. Cant imagine what hearing all 50 people in the server at once would be like…

I definitely agree though having a server chat would be alot more convenient than the group chats we have to make on ps messenger.

I’m hoping for a better way to inform my server of events and maintanance and such as well

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