A petition to perma-ban cheaters

they did, and not just a little.

Defamation is now a tactic in PvP :stuck_out_tongue:

A tactic of the weak…

no need for defamation of people that have already been ban several time, and for what i saw personally that were using all glitch/cheat when you was not even playing conan

and intesrting to see that you do not want permannent ban for cheater, cheater is not someone that build foundation around brimstone, it’s someone who has an undermesh base, or behind the green wall, or that use script hack, it takes month and month for funcom to take action with clear evidence & multiple report, so yes when someone doing that i agree for a permanent ban. building stuffs can still be temp ban (actually 3 days).

and for sure i’m weak lol; but i never harassed people at 5 vs1 on a pvp server, and i never fled when some serious enemy on my server came, i saw flyhack team fled when md came, so yes i m probably weak.

Nice… Keep spreading your false rumors and “naming and shaming” of one of the best group of PvPers in Conan. It isn’t going to convince anyone.

I see you are on all the comment sections trying to start crap with others.

I think we need an in game reporting menu to report problems.

For example, press F6, choose problem to report (obelisk blocked, dungeon blocked, base walled, undermesh base …) attach 3 screenshots, and it is send to funcom admins with name of server and location.

When they open the report, they are teleport to the location in admin mode and they can check, and take actions.

Fast, easy, efficient.

It won’t change a thing if there is nobody behind to watch them :japanese_ogre:

you will find a lot of people who meet them on official in past saying the same thing, and ban are not given for no reason by funcom, i think you have some serious problem guy, keep smoking mushrooms; but someone who use cheat and undermesh base, and base outside green wall or scirpt hack should be permanent ban.

I’m convinced. Please don’t speak for us all again as nobody elected you as our spokesman :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue:

We get it you were once wrongly accused and you want the world to now pay. So now any and all cheating accusations is clearly false now because of this one incident :man_shrugging:

Suffice to say if any Conan admin were to fly to a spot where a clan has placed building blocks in locations which aren’t allowed or reasonably normal by using BuildingIdentify commands your entire argument for evidence would simply deflate fast.

Just saying :pray:

LoL with no evidence, just accusations… Why am I not surprised…

You like to hide behind that argument a lot knowing it’s near impossible via a forum heavily moderated around “evidence”

It’s a tactic that’s shameful tbh as you’re layering so much doubt into the notion cheating doesn’t exist. Even when in the past evidence and data has been supplied to you but you suddenly go “quiet” on the subject :rofl:

Like I said you don’t speak for us “all” so stay in your lane.

We get it … the world must burn now because you can’t get closure on cheating … we are all delusional when we constantly post screenshots of clans under the mesh or behind walls like some how that clan tripped over and fell under the mesh and accidentally build bases lol.

Seriously find closure and move on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Evidence was supplied to me? I asked you several times to personal message me the evidence and you never delivered.

And I went quiet on the subject? Ummm… No… IIRC you were spewing so many personal attacks and insults in that thread the forum moderators had to intervene and close it down.


My “lane” is one of reason and evidence and I will keep zooming down that highway till the day I die. That slow lane of sophist rhetoric is a dead end. You should consider switching lanes sometimes :wink:

Fu ck cheater but funcom doesn’t spend 4 mins to look into it and save players that have played for 1000’s of hours… the could give a poo

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Can we keep this sh*t on topic? The purpose of this post is to change Funcom’s policy, not argue over who cheats and who doesn’t.

Why is this so important?
If you encounter cheaters, you will only have three options to react:

1.) flee (change server or stop / pause playing)
2.) fight (wich will be hard enough, because per definition cheating gives an unfair advantage, and therefore, unfortunately, 2b.) some people start to cheat as well)
3.) report

In the few cases where people show responsibility and chose the third option these actions must have RELEVANCE.

False positives? Come on. The few times they really happen, victims can refute.
False accusations are more of a problem here I suppose, but they can and need to be investigated and disciplined as hard.

As long as the consequences of a postive outcome of the whole time-consuming reporting and investigating process is only a minor inconvienience for the cheaters, people will give up entirely on the reporting and only chose options 1.) or 2b.). I vote for perma-banning.

I get when people say “oh that dude was lag switching” or “They are duping” those kind of “cheat” reports are hard to peg down at the best of times with evidence.

When someone builds an entire base inside the mesh. What is the “false positive” that this could possibly ever result in. In order to use an undermesh base your bedroll or bed is nearly always found inside the mesh, meaning there is no “i didn’t know” moment here.

Why is there no “I don´t know” moment there? we all know that things like this happen frequently:

No idea, especially in the Terms etc

It also falls under your responsibility to make sure no one in your clan is abusing game mechanics or partaking in continued harassment.

So if say clanMemberA decides to undermesh and not tell his/her entire clan. One could mount an argument why should all clan members recieve a ban for clanMemberA bad behaviour. I could see that potentially being contentious.

However, using BuildingDestroy ID on all clan members bases plus a 7-14 day strike is fair. If that said clan does the same thing again or members within that clan are caught in future clans doing the same thing, sorry, out you go. No more chances.

If the said Steam Accounts are brand new and/or filled with VAC/Game bans then integrity is immediately shot and benefit of the doubt is not implied. Meaning, same context above 3 clan members appeal the “i didn’t know” dont get it, simply because in the past you’ve demonstrated that you can’t adhere to the use of games and trust.

The whole notion that there are just gamers out here innocent honestly is just comical. They know what they are doing, they aren’t idiots and moreover cheating in games isn’t something you “accidentally” fall victim to.

TBH any other game out there online like this you get caught cheating its an immediate perm ban. It works as a nice revenue stream for the publisher, so Funcom could get some extra replenished market gains here.

That is something that I wished several times funcom would do in a timely manner on servers I played on. Would be the best solution for the legit players in the concrete situation. Although my hopes are rare that they ever will do this on a regular basis.

First, you cannot undo the deletion of the whole clan´s buildings. It is a very final solution.
Second, after the deletion, there is no evidence left of the abuse.

However, after an accurately executed investigation, this would be the silver bullet.

that’s 2 much work for them… can’t have the devs not breaking systems that are perfectly fine to cause more problems… in order to report to hackers that have been a issue for over 2 years… ya that makes zero sense… they don’t play the game… the dev’s that is they just come up with off the wall ideas to break the game is seems… as a player I can’t image what there actually trying to do… makes little sense other than get as much money out of the game as possible … that makes sense…