A Pure Vanilla Server [ps4/na] Now populating

Server name: A Pure Vanilla Server

My name is Mr.buttersnach (ps4) and I love Conan: Exiles. I have a server open and ready to populate with people who want to have a relaxed, long term and enjoyable vanilla experience. We are a group of players who enjoy building, purge defending, and PVPing each other for funzies. Its how we roll.

we have around 20 slots available and are always looking for solos,duo’s trios or clans. Right now we are a handful of solos goofing off until we can grow our individual clans so we can start clan raids.

Some other stuff:
24/7 pvp w/ building damage and containers ignore ownership. (lock em or loot em)
No harvest boosting but x2 kill xp (to help with the level grind)
Our Discord Server helps keep a tight nit community(so you know who you are playing)
Iron Starting Kits for new exiles (weapons and tools)
T1 building Kit for new exiles (foundations walls and ceilings with some work benches)
Weekend server/PVP events starting soon
Tons of open land ready to be claimed
Chill & helpful Admins always ready to teach or help out (without abusing powers)
1 full week of the “NO TOUCHY” rule so you can build upgrades, thrall exiles and farm in peace.