A Scathing Year In Review

Making the combat changes even though your community told you not to was foolish. Everyone HATES the combat changes you’ve made, and you knew that they hated it. You chose to implement the changes anyway. You ignored your community.

The community told you they didn’t want you to make the stack split changes: You said you were listening, you didn’t listen. You made the changes anyway. Now players can’t take just 10 healing potions from storage, you have to sit there splitting a stack of 500 fifty times, and then put all of the little stacks back together when you’re done.

The modding community, and those who buy into your battlepass are the only reason why this game and your COMPANY aren’t dead in the water; yet you feel it necessary to spit in our faces when we speak (And speak VERY loudly) about the changes you’re trying to implement. You are DOWNGRADING the game rather than improving it.

This battlepass is insanely underwhelming and for the first time, not even worth my time let alone my money. The prices in the store for items is ridiculous. (1200 crom coins for a bookshelf, a lectern, and a ladder? Why would we bother when we can just download a mod and get 800 new decoration items that look better. For free.)

And why would we bother buying those things to support a company who obviously doesn’t care what its own community thinks?

So I’m not buying the battlepass. I’m not buying Bazaar items. I’m withdrawing the funding I’ve helped pour into the game until I see that you actually listen to your community again. I hope everyone else does the same.

Don’t be the next Blizzard.


Here here.

I really really really want the extra dungeon pieces. But I won’t give them another single dollar after how they’ve handled Chapter 4 release. I may just have to move on and find something else to play.


In before they finally ban, restrict or plain break mods that add armor/weapons/buildings/furnishings.

What angers me the most is that I absolutely love the world they created. I love Conan, I love Cthulhu Mythos, the entire Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah lore, world building, the graphics are just my style. I would LOVE nothing more than stay here and play for hundreds and thousands of hours.


Same, girl. Same.

They have 100%, completely, and comprehensively coitus’d the canine here.

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