Abnyssal Remnant won't spawn - any help please?


I got to the Remnant but he spawned up in the air out of reach. I left the Dungeon and came back a few days later and he won’t spawn at all. I waited around for a good while, dived in the pool, dropped bombs on the pool. killed all of the Skellies’ (I think) but to no avail.

Also a secondary point. I appreciate it may be useful gear to get anyway, but is killing the Remnant a key step in the main story or just a nice to have side? I ask as if its a key step I’m pretty screwed right now.

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Remnant should have quite fast respawn timer iirc. Like, it had tendency to respawn when I wasn’t finished looting everything from its death.

But if it isn’t there while there is acid in the pool, then there is a bug. The acid shoudl come with it.

Although it has flown in the past. Perhaps it has that spawn bug and is actually inside the ceiling.

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yea the pool is full of acid, but no sign of the slug :confused:

Not key. The lore item it drops is related to the main story, but not required. Mostly it’s just funny.


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