The Abysmal Remnant, Still Broken

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

I understand the focus has been on “other” things, but the boss in your first dungeon is still broken after it being reported quite a long time ago. I only noticed because I’m doing a new playthrough and, yep, still gets bugged out after the first time it “jumps” from the acid pool. It can be killed if you manage to position it in just the right way, but it’s definitely not working as intended (gets stuck under the ground, etc.)

Also, because of how you’ve re-vectored the sandstorm, it can occur inside the Dregs now. Yeah. A sandstorm, in a sewer.

You’re not putting your best foot forward with new players, here.

Edit: And this is a post I made about it in February, the same issue that the “team was looking into”. Apparently not so much. Yet Another Abyssal Remnant Bug

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter the Dregs
  2. Proceed to the final boss, engage
  3. Boss jumps out of the acid pool
  4. Boss bugs out and ends up under the ground on subsequent jumps

Thank you for bringing this issue up @Megaton238, we’ll be sure to poke the developers regarding it’s status.

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