Yet Another Abyssal Remnant Bug

Game mode: Online or Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

When fighting the Abyssal Remnant, if you engage at the top of the stairs (opposite the grate where you can exit back to the surface) after a few attack cycles, it will shift it’s “home” position in the pool further back, and to the side. Further attacks will always miss the player (aside from the acid), and when it does its “lunge” out of the pool, it ends up under the ground and cannot be damaged.

You’ll know this has happened when you see it “tilt” and be off-center. It’ll look something like this:


When this happens, the workaround is to move to the left side, and only continue to engage it there. If you go to the right side, or to the rear, it will actually end up floating in the air when it does its lunge out of the pool (and you can’t hit it then, except with arrows).

Forgive the MS Paint artwork here, but a diagram may make this easier to visualize.

You engage at 1. When things (literally) start to go sideways, you have to move to 2. If you stay at position 1, it will always end up under the ground. If you go to either “X” then it will end up floating in the air when it comes out of the pool.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to the Dregs
  2. Engage the Abyssal Remnant at the top of the stairs.
  3. Wait several cycles (2 or 3) where it comes out of the pool
  4. It will eventually return to the wrong position in the pool

Hey there @Megaton238

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
It is also available in our Trello board, among other issues that have been reported by our community.You can vote on any of them to help us prioritize which issues to tackle first.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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