Dregs boss battle bugged

My most recent battle with the Abyssal Remnant was really buggy. I did the standard shield then switch to daggers strategy. After the boss jumped out of the acid pool, in the wrong direction (opposite from where I was standing), it’s body swung around the platform to stop right on top of my character. After this when the boss went back to the pool it just stood motionless in a perpetual heal lock so it wasn’t possible to do lasting damage to it. Not that I could have since I only had blunted arrows anyways.

So with no other recourse I exited the sewers through the back/boss exit.

Then I looped back around and started the dungeon over. This time when it was time to fight the Abyssal Remnant the same events unfolded. The worm came out at the wrong point. Then it’s body swung around to stop on my character. Only this time it did not get stuck motionless and I was able to complete the fight. Albeit with the Abyssal Remnant coming out of the acid pool at the wrong spot on almost every occasion.

I really think this boss fight needs attention. As does the Witch Queen if it hasn’t been addressed yet.


Fully agree this, and many other bosses need attention, and hopefully they will get some.

In the meantime, may I suggest poison arrows?




Hey @Technicolorfool

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll send note to the team to give these boss fights a look.


this is another of those issues that has sadly been around awhile in one form or another… i think that boss is one of the more original bosses and could be a fun fight with a little more thought to it… but the fact that the boss is constantly breaking… it may need a complete revamp…

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Just a confirmation for further data -
(testlive singleplayer unmodded)
I also have just had the boss launch out of the pool in the wrong direction and then swing round to embed me within its body. (Although it remained active and normal otherwise in this instance.)

It also seems to have had a targetting upgrade (or maybe I was just being rubbish) - it took a while to successfully test because almost every time it launched from the pool it nailed me dead on (also embedding me within it, but no ‘swinging into place’ because it was already there) - I don’t think I’ve ever previously been hit by that attack - which, given I was in constant motion, felt like it was adjusting its target in mid air. (Not proof of anything - like I say, I may just have been having a bad day - but maybe it adds extra data for the team.)


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