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With interest was a new addition. It though also short, but enough interesting in the gameplay plan. Especially the transition to night mode, this thing worked fine and in Tortage Age of Conan

So, if the gameplay plan quests quite interesting, then the production of cut scenes and their number is really depressing.

It seems to me that people responsible for the animation and staging of cut scenes have already left the studio, it’s upsetting. Seriously, the game has always stood out with an excellent cinematic production, but it does not leave a trace.

Question: Is it just the first pancake lumpy after a two-year stagnation or is there really no intelligent experts who could draw cool cut scenes?

If I remember correctly they definitly don’T have the numbers from TSW staffwise anymore slowing down stuff.
Is that the cause for this instance? Maybe…not sure who does the animation of the cutscenes. Not the faintest…

Personally I definitly dislike other things about SA…nothing to grave but things I also hate in other parts of the game.
Namely the blocky design of the map as a whole, the habit of putting way to many interactable objects way to close and the always odd distribution of vendors in general.
Nothing that is larger than a nitpick but things that poke the back of my mond non the less.

The cutscenes didn’t really bother me. I hardly noticed the flaws until someone pointed it out and even then I’m like ‘Eh.’ on it. The huge draw for me is the dialogue and voice talent involved and they were (Mostly) on point.
I mean, they got my to sympathise with Che. That alone is something I never taught possible.


By the way, it seems to me or Che is now voiced by another voice actor? At the first appearance, it seems, he was more expressive, as in Tokyo.

Record, probably, voice acting elsewhere. The same head of the Templars, though retained the previous voice, but already with Tokyo began to sound differently. It is enough to listen to his dialogues from original content and compare with what was in addition.

It does not please, but it’s better than nothing.

In previous updates, there were more cut scenes, as well as interesting characters. Here you can really see the savings (or the lack of specialists) that can make sensible cut scenes, so also the chain of quests is done so that there is a minimum.

So I’m afraid that the trend will continue. Still, I would like to believe that the staff of developers will expand and the quality of updates will return. But, perhaps, I’m wrong and the reason is in something else, it would be interesting to hear the developer’s comment.

I don’t think Che’s voiced by a different person. Just that the person uses different inflections. (Also, Che had lines in Tokyo? I know he was there, but I don’t remember his voice. You mean John? I also didn’t find John’s voice all that different. Just more pissed off due to the situation.)

Same for Richard Sonnac and I don’t think it has to mean drop in quality. If anything, a deeper voice for Sonnac suits him better, especially for more dramatic moments.

Overall not a drop in quality, just an actor finding his voice. Quite literally.

Edit: I noticed that some of the things I’m saying might be considered spoilers so… there ya go.

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If I remember correctly, then in that quest in Tokyo was not only the voice of John, but also Che.

The closest I remember is John impersonating Che; ‘Top of the world, ma!’ and other more… charning lines. Yeah. Let’s go with ‘Charming.’

TSW’s former cinematics director left for other Funcom projects in 2015.

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I wonder what that secret project was/is…only thing that I can think of is Conan Exiles. Does that have so many cutscenes? They have rumours I believe of an unnamed shooter or so but I doubt that was in the works in 2015.

AFAIK, he works at the Oslo office. So most likely The Park and later Conan Exiles.

You can follow him on twitter. He also maintains a collection of TSW cinematics on youtube.



For most of the recurring voice actors it has been years since they last played their Secret World characters. Che hasn’t had new lines since the original game was released. His lines were probably recorded in 2011 or 2010. Seven or eight years is a long time to just snap right back into an old character. Even Sonnac and Geary haven’t had anything new to say since 2015.

I’d like to add that the cinematics director was never responsible for the VO recordings. Those have always been overseen (or rather, overheard, as they’re done remotely) by the game director of the time.


There’s also that. I admit I’m not an expert.

It’s a shame. But now that Secret World is again developing, it will be strange if it is not returned. Although, if they really have something in development with a lot of cut scenes or something like that, you can understand. But for SWL this is really a big step back, because the production of cut scenes was always at an extremely high level, and if they continue in the same spirit as in the last addition, the game will lose a lot.

As to that, we can only speculate. I think Funcom wants its two studios to operate more independently than they have in the past.

My biggest issue with it is that Berihun is placed relatively high up during the final boss fight, when most players will have the camera pointed forwards or downwards while fighting. I literally didn’t understand what had happened the first time I did the fight. I just did the three phases and then Berihun’s dorky hat fell down from nowhere in particular and everyone started congratulating me on a job well done, while I’m like “Wait, I didn’t kill him or anything. Why are you acting like he’s deader than an Orochi trooper who’s two days from retirement?”