About followers once more

Hi. i have a problem with my followers. my followers began to disappear last month, judging by the event log… attached screenshots. as you can see, some slaves disappear due to the fact that my clan did not enter the game! BUT It was only me who wasnt in game!

I was on vacation. my clan came and updated all the buildings every 3 days! but the slaves still continued to disappear! and some slaves, as you can see in the screenshot, disappeared altogether due to some strange mistake! Well, today, yes - all the remaining slaves have disappeared in general … we loose 130 followers.
what it is?!
we r playing on 1302 EU.

Yes its on alls server whit 1 day decay time

yea. but my thralls start disappearing b4 all this happens… even my clan refresh all buildings and was in game every 3 days…