Lost 150+ followers

Logged on today and at some point in the last week, my clan has lost ALL it’s followers. We’ve tolerated losing stables/buildings constantly and our defenses and supply boxes weekly. But losing all those followers in one go? And some of them had raid gear and supplies on them too.

Has anyone else just lost all their followers?

Why on earth would you need over 150 thralls?

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I asked me the same question. :laughing::v:t4:

How long were you offline for? Did you lose any buildings to decay at the same time?

Build. Survive. Dominate. I dont see where it says you cant have 150 thralls.


What food had you been feeding the thralls - and how much is left in your thrall feeding station?

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I said followers not thralls lol I have a big clan, there was 8 of us playing together. We all wanted mounts and we each collected animal friends to follow us around. I myself had several cause I’m weird and wanted a menagerie at our citadel. I’d even managed to get a mammoth I was just starting to level up.

I’d only been off for a week. There’s others in my clan who log in and play within the 2 week time span. There’s no way we would lose them to decay. All our buildings were fine, except of course we lost the thrall station for the 5th again literally and the 3 stables are gone of course again for the 10th time. We’ve mostly given up on capturing and breaking people, since the dang thrall station never stays more then a week. Our taming stables are constantly disappearing every other week.

They had food in their inventories but no actual station since they don’t actually need to be fed… inventory food was just for in case we’d get attacked.

Ok. Not sure then other then to assume its the decay bug. Sorry to hear youre losing stuff.

I’m guessing a few fell through the map

Do yourself a favour by dropping a Thrall Feeding Station and even if you only fill it with gruel (exotic feast if you can :wink: ), do that too. You can see which thralls are being fed by it in case they run out of whatever you loaded. All depends how often you play and how often you check what they are eating.
(pets and pet feeder too)

Might be worth it to scroll through the event logs too.

I lost 11 out of 22. Loaded game with big screen saying i could only have 3 max followers. And would delete one every minute till i fixed it. Took me a while to find the thrall limit thing. So i lost 11.
Which is weird. I’ve read you can have 55 max. Why me only 3? And it took all my female thralls. Took a lvl 12 female fighter but left lvl 0 pets.
This happened about a week ago. Maybe same time as your dissappearances.

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