Lost my following thrall

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [SA]

Thralls still can walk over fondations. As the same for big structures, thralls doesnt recognize fondations as ground and slip throught it.
So, there was a thrall following me which vanish somewhere inside my base.
I belive one day i will find him
The issue is, i cant get another thrall to follow because game says: there are too many thralls following you
And as I cant cancel because I cant find that thrall, how can I make a new follow me?

Any ideas?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Try logging out and back in.

More than 3 times and in different hours…nothing

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If you wander away from your base and any other structures do you still not see the thrall?

if the answer is no then my only other solution would be to go near your bed, remove your bracelet. Hope death resets the follow and returns the thrall to its proper place.

death/suicide will fix this, but the thrall should stay at the exact same spot he was left upon his master’s death.
i tested it multiple times but that was not yesterday though :smiley: …

I also lost my thrall yesterday but in different scenario, I brought her to help me KO npcs, so I removed her weapon and equipped her with a truncheon. I commanded her to follow, then I climbed the cliff where the npc i want was located (a taskmaster). Once I climbed up, I was too close to the group of npcs, there were 5 of them and my exile was ganked and died.

I rushed back to the spot my exile died, and I saw my thrall near my exile’s body but she was walking away, I climbed up but I didn’t chase her but checked on the npcs instead, those 5 npcs were all knocked out ( 1 Fighter III, 2 Fighter I, 1 Taskmaster II, 1 Bearer III), I took home the 3 thralls, fighter3, bearer3 and taskmaster2.

After that I was looking for my thrall and she’s gone, I ran around to find her but she’s nowhere to be found, I also found some npcs lying around unconscious which I’m sure were knocked by my thrall but in the end I couldn’t find her.

I shouldnt gave to him good equips :frowning:

She is a legend so she left


lol, indeed. I believe these two knocked out npcs were her doing (took the screenshot because it’s quite surprising), there was also another one ahead, after that I lost her trail. One happy thrall enjoying her freedom somewhere lol.

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I lost 2 Tier 4 Fighter Thralls when I ran up some stairs, they actually fell down and died.

I did find him yesterday after login think about try the suicide method bug fixes.

With server reset, fallen thralls usually come back to their position, I believe this is what happened