About the bug that the game cannot be continued forever after applying update 2.5.1

Please help us, @community .

At present, it is not possible to play the Isle of Siptah properly.

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Thanks for reaching out to us. We are aware of the issue and our team is working on solving it.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.


Thank you as always!

Please let me know if you have any necessary information. I will reply as much as possible.


Is this issue only happening with Japanes version of the game or with european also?
I don’t want to risk to not be able to login again and see my camp destroyed.

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Greetings @liquidand,

It seems to be an issue with the Japanese build of the game. However, if you find any issues on the EU version, please submit a new bug report.

Thanks in advance.


My build is on the north of the red line but in the red line. I play on official 8013 (EU) and I have no issues with all this area. If you go official right now you will see that most of the population of the server has at least one base there. I participate at 8080 (US) with @Zeb, this area again in this server is full of builds, so I can confirm for 2 regions that this area has no Error issues.


Thanks, I was really worried loggin in, since my base is really near the red zone.



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Thank you for reading!
I can’t do any more, so all I can do is wait and occasionally hear the progress!

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Earlier today, your company, Mr. Ignasi, told us about the current state of the matter on Twitter!
thank you!

We are waiting for a safe the Isle of Siptah!

(English translation)
Everyone who plays << Conan Outcasts >>!
We haven’t forgotten your problem!
Our team is working to reproduce the crash and identify the true cause of this problem. We think we’ve found it and are looking at ways to fix it.
We apologize for any inconvenience.



Yes! We have finally reproduced the issue. It proved to be very elusive. It does only happen when playing Outcasts in a retail console. None of the other versions present this issue, and it does not manifest itself in any of our devkits, which is incredibly unusual.
We’re now working on finding the exact cause and address it completely. Having managed to finally reproduce it reliably is a big step forward towards that goal.

Sorry for the frustration until then!


Was good!
I am looking forward to it.
Thank you very much.


Thank you, Mr. Ignasi & everyone who worked on it!

I wrote here what you reported on Twitter earlier!
I just wait for the patch release!

[English translation]
Everyone who plays << Conan Outcasts >>!
Very good news! Our team reports that it has fixed the << Siptah >> crash that occurred after 2.4.6.
We plan to release it as soon as possible.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Yes! Finally. This was a tough nut to crack, because we could not reproduce this error in any way. It was thanks to our friends at Spike Chunsoft that we could find the reason. We explained it above, we could not reproduce this error in any of our kits, but it was so obvious to see when playing with the Outcasts version in a Japanese retail PS4 (or PS5).
The error seemed to do with a single corrupted art asset that caused an immediate crash when loaded onto memory. The same asset worked fine for any other version of the game, and in every one of our devkits and retail consoles.

Given the severity and urgency of this fix, we had to assemble a special version of patch 2.5.2 for Conan Outcasts exclusively. It is set to go out as soon as possible, but sadly this will mean that compatibility between Conan Exiles and Conan Outcasts servers will be limited until we release a parity patch. But given the circumstances, it was the lesser evil when trying to get it out as soon as possible including certification.

Thanks for all the help and your patience again!


Earlier today, with Conan Exile PS Japanese version “Conan Outcast” update 1.50 (equivalent to PC version 2.5.2), the confirmed application error for the relevant area no longer occurs!

Also, although it’s single-player, I walked all over Isle of Siptah and confirmed that there was no similar area!

Thank you to all the staff for this support!

If you run into another problems, I’ll report them in another report, another topic.

Thank you again!

[English translation]

Everyone who plays << Conan Outcasts >>!
You will now receive 2.5.2. This will fix the << Siptah >> crash that occurred.
If you continue to have these issues while playing with << Siptah >>, please let us know.

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I would like to report that the “deterioration time (image 劣化まで)” that was temporarily stopped due to this crash problem is still stopped!

This concludes my report on this issue.
Thank you everyone!


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So, the testing enviroment is too dissimilar to the live environment, hence bugs from tested patches.

Seems to be a reoccurring problem for all consoles. We could all benifet from improvements.

Ps. Noone has acted on your end with my request to date.

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We’ll proceed to close the thread as the issue reported has been resolved.

Thanks for the feedback @Treeyou_anyone

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