About the process

I play on ps4, offline mode, custom settings. I have encountered many difficulties playing online, but that is for another time. My question is about the process(es). I find Conan Exiles to be interesting and engaging on many levels. But, I have discovered through my own experiences, from reading forum posts, from reading patch notes, watching videos online, and searching online… this game is plagued with bugs and exploits. Patch v1.53 took things to a new level for my gaming experience. The issues introduced in 1.53 has made my progression within the game next to impossible and therefore has made the game unplayable and a waste of my time.

Instead of just complaining about what isn’t working correctly and how problematic these issues are for my gameplay… I’m asking what can I /(we) do to help the process?

I’ve read the sticky topics about posting information in threads about bugs. By the way, please re-read those posts, they are kind of vague and contradictory. But there must be more that the community can do to assist in the process of finding, reporting, and possibly preventing many of the bugs and exploits in a timely manner. I have read that more content and map area is coming. While it is always important to provide content that will keep players engaged with a title, maintaining reliable and stable play-ability is at least just as important, but probably more important.

As a community, we want this game to succeed. Otherwise we would not take the time to play or, for that matter, complain. Please re-examine how the community can make a more significant contribution to the process(es) of making Conan Exiles better. Then inform us in the ways that we can better contribute to finding, reporting, and preventing.

I think that this can be a great thing for everyone involved.

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