About the The Horned God category

Discuss lore and story, or engage in roleplay here! Please use appropriate thread tags.

This category is reserved for roleplaying related to Secret World Legends. Here you can post details about your character or cabal, tell stories and announce any RP events you are planning.

Generally, posts in this forums should be made “in-character”. You should also make sure to use the right prefixes when posting a thread. Any OOC (out-of-character) post should for example be flagged as that.

Don’t forget about the spoiler tag! You can mark text as a spoiler by clicking on the little gear icon next to where you would create a list, use an emoji, etc.

Please use tags such as:

  • ooc
  • character
  • story
  • event
  • cabal
  • spoiler
  • roleplay

As appropriate.


For any sweetling uncertain of the tags listed above, their potential purposes have been defined and posted here with permission :bee:

ooc stands for “Out-Of-Character” (OOC) and should be used to tag anything in the Horned God category where you’re posting as yourself and not as your character. Examples include discussing lore and story, the world, characters, or talking about roleplaying itself. Threads in the Horned God category are assumed to be “In-Character” (IC) and written from a character’s perspective when the OOC tag is not used.

character should be used to tag character background, character biography, character profile, or character story threads. If the thread pertains to your player character, be it information on them or a story written about them, then this tag should be used.

story should be used to tag any story written by you that is set in the Secret World. All stories regardless of length should be tagged as such. If the story is about player characters as opposed to non-player characters, please also include the character tag alongside the story tag.

event should be used to tag any event thread, be it a roleplaying event, cabal event, PvP event, or what have you. Its use isn’t exclusive to the Horned God category.

cabal in the context of the Horned God category is to tag threads containing RP cabal background or cabal stories. It can also be used to tag cabal adverts and the like.

spoiler is an additional tag for labeling a thread that containing spoilers. If the thread contains major story spoilers, consider using this tag.

roleplay should be used to tag anything that is an active roleplay (RP) thread or is about roleplay, such as roleplay events, roleplay coordination, or roleplay information.

Use multiple tags as necessary to properly define your thread so that it may flow so sweetly into the eyes of your target audience!