[Lore] is blind



… or else I am, because where is the Lore subforum?

That was the best part of the old forums!

The Dreamers have already infiltrated the new forums, they don’t want us figuring out the real story!


It became one with the Horned God! The Horned God seems to be a booming business!


Pro tip: Use the Lore tag!


I´m not blind :worried:


add the lore Tag :slight_smile:


I honestly would love if the Lore forum was divided from the Horned God - even if there’s somehow a way to make it a subsection. It feels way too cluttered to put them together and see all the RP threads when some of us just want to discuss OOC Theories about how things may play out… I’d hate even more to accidentally spoil someone who is trying to -avoid- OOC knowledge and speculation but still RP too!


Searching through https://forums.funcom.com/tags may save you time as well.


I really don’t think a tag is enough.

The Lore section was my favorite one :frowning: