Location for Recruitment threads?

Edit: so the Recruitment thread for Athen Paladins on these new forums is here (click):
[Recruitment] ATHEN PALADINS - recruitment: open [Clans]

One question that will interest all org leaders and many people:

The old forums had a Recruitment section (although sadly not very visible, nested in other sections) here

Where will orgs post recruitment and orgs information threads in these new forums please? :slight_smile:
(Unless I missed it)

MP 220, AL 30, Research 70, active, Born on Rimor
In AO since 2001
Founder and elected President of Athen Paladins

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Put them into this section (general discussion) and I’ll ask SG to make a recruitment tag.

Basically, don’t expect our previous style of nested forums unless our use of the tags gets so overwhelming that it becomes absolutely necessary.

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Thank you, Anarrina :slight_smile:

There was probably too much nesting on old forums, but one issue with Discourse (that is used for these current forums) is indeed that tags can become overwhelming at some point on large forums.

People will also probably regret the possibility to use (not abuse) signatures (only an add-on on Discourse) in a community as old as AO’s where clearly identifying people is a good thing, as well as several formatting and typographic tags for structured posts like guides. That said, Discourse works fine.

Tag overuse is something I’m very much aware of, and I’m being rather cautious of what kinda tags to add to keep it at a minimum so they remain as helpful as possible.

Though, I have added the recruitment tag to use now.

Thank you very much for the “recruitment” tag, Shaogens :slight_smile:

On a side note, time will tell and you’ll decide but I tend to think that, in a game like AO, you will probably need at some point to create a few more forums sections because it will be more evident than tags.

Except, the Recruitment tag doesn’t show up yet in the list of “Optional tags”. (I’m not belittling the importance of #cats tag though)

This is how it looks:

It didn’t show up for me earlier aaand then I pressed something and it’s now appearing! Hopefully it shows up for you too :slight_smile:

Thanks Sunstar :slight_smile: But unchanged so far, and I of course not only forced a total refresh but I also cleared all cached data from forums.funcom.com to make sure it was not a cache issue.

comes up just fine for me when i start typing it in the tag field?

no clue about that list, i never noticed it before.

Thanks Shaogens :slight_smile:

OK so now (not yesterday) it appears if you click on the optional tag box and starts typing “rec…”. :slight_smile: It doesn’t appear in the list of tags though.

Ergonomics question / suggestion for the future of forums: how can we expect people to use tags if they don’t see easily a comprehensive list of what has been made available by admins (as you can’t necessarily guess what word was picked for something) ? :slight_smile:

This page should answer that, it’s just hidden.

Yep, Menu icon, then “tags”. Hope people will have the reflex to look up there when posting or will get the habit to. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help with the recruitment tag. Working on several posts now here and there. :slight_smile:

So the Recruitment thread for Athen Paladins on these new forums is here (click):
[Recruitment] ATHEN PALADINS - recruitment: open [Clans]