Abyssal Remnant BUGS

BUG # 1. You start fighting the Abyssal Remnant and suddenly the Server lags out and your character runs 3 steps forward and then shoots back, repeat, repeat, repeat till dead.

BUG # 2. Your corpse dies under the platform just far enough that you can’t access it and so you lose all your gear. Like I just lost:

Ancient Bow
Set of Stygian Medium Armor
270 Ironhead arrows
Steel Poniards
Stygian Pike
Steel Pick,
Steel Axe
Steel Cleaver
Set of Darfari Light Armor
Climbing Boots and Gloves

Took me about 90 minutes to rebuild all that stuff. All because of some stupid scripting errors and really terrible clipping on the floor mesh of the Remnant’s raised dais.

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