Abyssal remnant...still....cmon

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When i first got this game abysall remnant fight worked fine. Later abysal remnant would kind of glitch and flop side ways but still lunge at you and if you moved slightly to the left of the stairs you could complete the fight at least one out of two times if it didnt glitch into the floor…you guys have made repeatedly made new content several times but you wont fix the core parts of the game? This is a journey step…glad to see you did fix falling through the world and insta death when mining brim stone, killing elite croc and fighting large animals like elephants and rhinos…but cmon…fix your old problems before you make bew ones like the falling through the world…that came long long after abysal remnant was broken…how about some dedication to the older problems…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go to abysal remnant fight room
2. Abysal remnant stand still does not attack so you cant hit it with melee
3.hit with arrows it heals
4.cant complete fight ever


Ditto, I’d just like to reinforce the compaint, when are you guys going sort this as it’s been going on for ages. I know there probably is quite a list but that’s why a period of testing exists. Cmon guys your spoiling our gameplay, and I may add putting others of buying/joining the game.

It’s not an old issue, it’s a new one. Yes, the Abysmal Remnant has been bugged before, but it’s not the same bug.

And it’s been reported and acknowledged, use the search feature before posting a bug report, as indicated on the sticky thread.

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