Abyssal Remnant STILL bugging out

Game mode: [Online]
Region: oceanic 4326

So I reported this EXACT problem almost a year ago and it is STILL here!!! I don’t know why I thought giving this game another shot was worth tbh :man_shrugging:t2: Surely instead of worrying about paid content and mounts you should be repairing bugs that have been around for forever??? This is the first boss dungeon that a new player will probably experience and you’re happy for it to go down like this? I don’t mean to be sour but I left this game due to this sort of nonsense and to return only to find the very first dungeon is not able to be completed STILL after all this time without spending an hour with a bow is a massive let down but tbh I can’t say that I am surprised. In case someone is ACTUALLY interested in fixing this ancient and well festered bug here is a video.

This game could really be something but not without stepping up your bug fixing game :man_shrugging:t2:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hello @Darkzombie, we’ll be sure to poke the devs in regards to this creature’s behavior in combat, apologies for the inconvenience.

Can’t say i ever seen it do that. (and I kill this poor guy alot…) Usually ai just turns off… and its free hits for you. XD

i just did it today w a frost giant and star metal arrows, notta prob, didnt see that.

If your as far along as star metal and frost giant thralls why are you bothering with this underwhelming slug???

glowy torch

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Amusment… extra fangs for sword to slap it on wall… as mention glow torch…and you got bored and ran all way thru.

or missed armor from book.

I stop by time to time. XD

Exact this I experienced the last weekend on my XBox One.
Thanks for reporting. Maybe this does not bother HR Players, but many of us are not that shiny lvl60 starmetal heroes… :slight_smile:

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