Add a sing-along lyrics options to the music player and in-game!

Currently it seems that looking around for the lyrics is a bit tricky, and it’s not the easiest to hear the lyrics over the gunfire. It would be great to have sing-along lyrics to sing along to amidst our fervent headbanging, including at 8x which would effectively be a Karaoke, if the lyrics are supplied then.

A good spot could be up at the top right, so it’s not getting in the way of the other aspects of the HUD and isn’t in the way of where the player’s shooting, and isn’t in the way of the player either, though for the music player it might be better beneath the player where the viewer’s eyes would naturally gravitate towards.

Nevertheless, you’ve made an amazing game here, and I thoroughly look forward to whatever comes next in the Hellsinger series!



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Greetings Hellsinger and welcome to our forum.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We passed this information over to the rest of the team. :metal:

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