Customised Music

I won’t take credit for this idea, it was mentioned by another gamer. But I like it and want to share it!

Hello Funcom

You guys should allow for gamers to customise the soundtrack in the game.

I don’t mean to change the music. I mean to select what to hear of the soundtrack and when.

For example, which track to listen to during the load screen, which track for fighting low level enemies, or for high level enemies etc.

That would be great!


You can run Spotify in the background and set up the Conan Exiles soundtrack that way.

i would love to set up different music from Age of Conan into Conan Exiles…
That game has one if not the best ost on any mmo i’ve ever played and this game could benefit plenty from it…

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Personally, I run Basil Poledouris’ Conan the Barbarian soundtrack on Spotify when I play the game.

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i’m pretty sure that what was meant is to the music to change depending on the area or the situation, combat music to pop when there is combat and custom bg music for whatever else

Yes that is exactly what I meant. Yes we can all put our stereos on while playing etc, but, I want the control over the soundtrack of the game, to play specific tracks when specific things are happening.

Funcom should add that feature in settings or something. You could call it “Edit Playlist” etc.