Can i change the ingame soundtrack to add more variety to my play through, like add songs form age of conan, or my own custom songs?

Is there a way to use Age of Conan, or any other custom soundtrack in the Conan Exiles game? I wish to add some new tunes to my game experience. Thanks guys!

Short answer yes.

Long answer you need a mod. I actually use the Tortage Music for our harbor starting area via the Pippi Musiqbox placeable. It allows you to select a track you can upload to a discord channel to play. You can have multiple tracks play in sequence with shuffle.

This obviously requires the Pippi mod.

But if you’re looking to replace music in game so that it plays certain tracks for areas, biomes, and combat, then you’ll need to use (and make) a mod for that. That’s actually an interesting idea for a mod. One that allows the player to substitute a custom track of their choosing.

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yeah, i 'd like to add extra tracks that will play ingame in different locations, the fight music especially, its like we have 3 songs for combat through the entire game… its just bleak…by having more audio options and variety this game, i feel will be way more pleasant to play…just adds to the immersion. Alas, i’m no coder, so i don’t know how to make mods. anyway…maybe funcom will read this and add some extra tracks to the game’s audio vibe. i feel that Age of conan has, at times, better OST! :smiley:

I usually just have itunes running in the background and play myself some 1982 conan music.

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I just turn it off. I like to hear the game not the music. (Just my opinion. :grinning: )

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