Missing most of the soundtrack


I’ve bought barbarian edition a long time ago, and was very disappointed to find out that only three (maybe two, at the time, I can’t remember) tracks were available in my conan folder.

Today I opened the music tab in Steam and found out that there were about twenty tracks in the Conan Exiles playlist, but I could listen to none of them. When I press the “Show on my system” button, I can only see the same old three tracks inside my folder.

I tried reinstalling the game, to no avail.

I don’t play the game very much these days, but I’d still like to have the soundtrack (which I’ve already paid for if I’m not mistaken). How do I do this?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, I’m not sure if it qualifies as a bug.

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I’m seeing the same thing.

I haven’t looked very far into the soundtrack stuff for the Barbarian Edition. But what I do know is that a lot of the music featured in Conan Exiles is actually from Age of Conan. So at least some of the missing music should be contained with the Age of Conan soundtracks.

I can confirm that a lot of the “missing” stuff can probably be found on the AoC soundtracks, but there is one song that I’m pretty sure is new for Exiles song that I didn’t hear on the Barbarian Edition soundtrack. I don’t know the name for it, but the song that plays at night in the northwestern desert and around the Oasis of Nekhet isn’t included.

Thanks for your feedback, guys.

I’m super disappointed.

Just to make sure there isn’t any confusion, all the music files are located in

\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\Soundtrack - Age Of Conan
\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\Soundtrack - Age Of Conan - Rise Of The Godslayer
\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\Soundtrack - Conan Exiles

So again, a lot of the Conan Exiles music is from Age of Conan and will be found in those folders.

I don’t know the title of the various songs, so with regards to Booger Party’s feedback here, I’m not sure what to look for. I guess we need one of the community managers to respond or look into it, or somebody who is a music buff and can better answer those questions can chime in.

Yes, I know that. I recognized several tracks while I was playing as coming from AoC. But what’s strange is that the CE album has a whole bunch listed under it, none of which actually play, and the folder containing the CE music files only have the three.

I would have figured in this case that there would only be three tracks listed in the album with the understanding that the rest is contained in it’s respective AoC album.

Yes Multigun, I have the Age Of Conan tracks in their respective folders. I’m just disappointed that we get only two original tracks for the game (and a rearrangement of one of them). Considering how far we are after the release, I’m guessing they’re not gonna write new music for the game. I do wonder where that fake(?) tracklist comes from, though.

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