Can´t find the Barbarian Edition anywhere!

Hi! I can no longer find the Barbarian Edition available for purchase on Steam.
Anyone knows what happened?
I really want the OST!


I believe the barbarian edition was only available to purchase before conan exiles official release.

Hey @Conchalex

The Barbarian edition was discontinued earlier this month and substituted by the Deluxe edition.
If you want to listen to the soundtrack, it is available on Spotify right now :slight_smile:


Quick rebound question, do you know the name of the Summoning Song so that I can get it on Spotify? The song that plays when one summons an avatar. I have skimmed all three soundtrack folders to no avail.

Thanks for the info. Sadly, I only have an Apple Music subscription.

on the subject of the BE of conan is the t-shirts no longer being sent out from ones who purchased it?

You should be looking in maybe the sound ‘effects’ folder? It’s not a soundtrack, but something which plays when an action is performed. I don’t know the exact name of the folder though.

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