For some reason, I can't download Barbarian edition for my normal Conan Exiles client

For some reason, no matter how I log on my steam account or try to find it from steam page, for some reason I cannot find this update or edition anywhere!
I pretty much need it so I can join my friend to one of unofficial servers and it is a must to have in there. How should I handle this?

Hey there,

Please read the Social Guidelines. This post should be in the Conan Exiles subforum, not the Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden one. Feel free to ask a moderator to move it for you.

The Barbarian Edition and its services have been discontinued, see

I’ll also note that as you are able to read, there are no advantages in-game. Furthermore, anything your friend has is either something you can’t find given your experience, from a mod or pre-order (it’s not from this Edition). There is no neccesity in having these items. Ask them how he got it and try to calm down a little bit :wink:

Hello @Peapea, welcome to the community!

We’ve moved your post to a more adequate board and, as @TheLOLxd2 mentioned, the Barbarian Edition is no longer available as it was a limited edition.

In any case, you should be able to join any server as all the game copies are the same and offer the same content.

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