Barbarian Edition on Steam PC

Hi guys,

I tried the Conan Exiles game on PC this weekend as it was free, and I really liked it, since I was actually playing AOC on day one it was published long time ago, it came as no surprise to me. :slight_smile:
However, I tried to make a purchase of the digital Barbarian edition on Steam PC, only to see that I can’t find it anymore… and I’m sure I had it on my wish list.

Is it not available anymore?
If that is the case, can I buy it somewhere else then on Steam?

Ya the Barbarian Edition was pulled from the store when the Free Event went live. Unsure if it will return. I am unaware of any other purchase location :frowning: Not even Humble Bundle has it.

wow… that is really disappointing… :frowning:
was there any announcement or?
I must admit I wasn’t paying that much attention, it was on my wish list, I just didn’t get to buying it really…

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