Barbarian Edition?

I have purchased Conan Exiles from Steam but cannot access the Barbarian edition because it dose not show me owning Conan

barbarian edition?
was not that a pre release order one?

not that i know of

can u maybe provide a screenshot of the error or the message u get when u try to purchase? (not shoing personal info ofc)

The Barbarian Edition was discontinued and replaced with the Deluxe Edition. Note that the Deluxe Edition doesn’t contain everything the Barbarian Edition did - it’s the base game plus the first four DLCs.

This sounds like something that you need to take up with Steam first, though - I mean if you bought it from them but it’s not appearing in your account.

Hey there,

Without revealing any personal information, as mentioned above:

  • Could you provide information on what and when exactly you purchased?
  • It would also be helpful if you could provide screenshots, error messages or (windows) logs of the purchase, the steam store page or your games page and/or interface when you click install / play.

For more information on the Barbarian Edition, see

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