Is there any way to get the Barbarian Edition rewards of Conan exiles?

Hello, i’m Conan Exiles and Age of Conan player.

I returned to age of conan and discovered that those who bought the barbarian edition of conan exiles got exclusive rewards for Age of Conan and Conan exiles.

I want those rewards/buy the barbarian edition. Is there any way to obtain it?


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I think you need to go here;

Good Luck!

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Hey LordKAA, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunatly this link leads to an website saying that I need to buy the Barbarian edition to get access to those rewards. Seems like barbarian edition is impossible to get now, no rewards for me =/.

Thanks anyway.

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Oh, sorry about that. I will see if there’s any other way to redeem it.
Did you follow the steps to enter your email etc?

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yep, i did. Logged in my steam acount etc.

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Ok, maybe DM one of the community staff @AndyB or @Ignasi or @Mayra
They should be able to solve this. I think they are on vacation so they might not get back to you immediately.

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Oh, that explains why i’m being ignored at the Age of Conan forums hahaha.

Thanks for helping me, i’ll try to contact them.

I also have edited OP. It was misleading, I don’t have the barbarian edition yet, I want to buy it or get it’s rewards in another way.


If I may, the Barbarian Edition opens you up to a world of awesome Conan things and music we would not ordinarily appreciate. Most of us who bought it seem to have missed Age of Conan, so there is actually a considerable presence among owners, who might be willing to sell or give you their key(s).

Let this be my one thread bump/public service announcement of the year, but please, everyone listen to the Conan Soundtrack, available only with the Barbarian Edition!


I think the music is available on spotify too. And you are absolutly right.

It would be hard to buy keys for this. You have to trust someone on the internet… I’m not even sure this is allowed by Funcom.

Well, if someone has a key and funcom allows you to give your key, you have the power to make an age of conan player VERY happy ;).


There is a way you can get the in game things, just do the contests. you can ask for them as your reward as a dlc, that’s how I got both the sword, and armor

The music is so great. It reminds me of the music from the first movie, which was one of the greatest scores ever

Then there is one song in the Highlands that really reminds me of the main theme from The Last of the Mohicans which also has a legendary score

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