Conan Exiles Barbarian Edition dlc for Age of Conan

Hello there Hyborians
Im here after spending literally dozens of hours searching through net and im now here with i think best shoot at my request
Its that im about dlc code for Age of Conan that came with Conan Exiles Barbarian Edition
i already had 2 of those but now i need another
im sure plenty of those are still on the market somewhere cos me on my own had some problems claiming that stuff for Age of Conan at some point and i can see other ppl not bothering with it, anyway it was offer for Conan Exiles (Barbarian Edition) most what - but T-shirt was great :slight_smile:
so if you got it or maybe you know someone who has it please let me know
im sure we can find middle ground
please sent me private message here
and we can talk some more
thx in advance

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