Conan Exiles - How to claim Barbarian editions rewards?


New to Age of Conan. Wanted to try it out after getting Barbarian Edition of Conan Exiles.

On my account page I can see that I got for example Savage Rhino. But when I try to claim it ingame there’s nothing to claim.

Anyone who know what to do?

The Conan Exiles items for AOC should be under ‘Claims’ which is a button opened from the Inventory window (hit ‘I’). Can anyone else verify this? I don’t remember exactly what I did to get the Barbarian edition extras.

The Barbarian edition items may also have been in the game store as a claim. You can open the store and look for the items under ‘Rewards’ or a similar tab.

Hi Dementis,

After redeeming the code to your Age of Conan account, you should be able to redeem your items by logging in to the game and checking your Claims (as Radicaltop said). Claims can be opened from your inventory window or by using “/claim” in the chat window.

Please be aware, if you’ve just created your character you might need to relog once before all their Claims are visible and available for claiming.

If you’re not able to find the rewards in your Claims, feel free to contact us through an in-game petition and a GM will be happy to look into the matter for you. You can quickly open the help interface to submit a petition by using “/petition” in your chat window.

I don’t know if you tried looking in the Shop .
When you open that there is a yellow bar marked “Rewards” on the top left.
Click it and see if there is anything that you can claim. :wink: