New music please

I love Siptah - Conan Exiles is great fun and the environment audio is flawless. I can honestly play for hours while muting the BGM and will enjoy every sound I’m hearing. From the twang of the pick against iron, to the beach water pushing and swooshing the sand.

But its unanimous, the music is dated. Myself and several other players rather use Spotify, than hear the same old repetitive whistle the “open field” music has played for the last few years - from the exiled lands to siptah its the same. My server even exchanges “conan” playlist to keep it from getting too dull…

Please - PLEASE add more exciting music to listen to in open world at the very least. Some of us builders who spend days on constructing would love it. Its great motivation.

Heck, even just giving us the ability to buy the original Conan Soundtrack and play it in game would be cool. If they wanted to go the extra mile, Get the OST for Destroyer, Red Sonja, and Kull in there too.

Would it be possible to put new music cues in too? Having “Theology and Civilization” Play when you enter a temple or dance hall would be very keen. It would also be very good for when you’re riding horseback on an open sunny/sunsetish out of combat moment.

I run Spotify in the background with the original Conan the Barbarian soundtrack and Wardruna whilst playing Conan.

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