Totally not a priorty... but I miss the old soundtrack

As title says, there a huge list of things that need fixing and devs should definitely focus on them first. But sometime in the future, please add more of the old map music to some parts of the Siptah map. I miss the noob river track so much :frowning:


Yeah, noob river was my favorite music. Also, I have to confess that I like the old main menu music better than Siptah.


Yeah, that drumming just kinda got you going a bit better than the new choice, IMO. I’m definitely missing a few of the old tunes.

Gah! It was all better in the old days!
(Insert Old Man Yells at Clouds Gif)


Me too!!! Perhaps they can give us an option to choice between the old or the new menu/music like it was done in Rome TW2. In addition: Please funcom: sell us the soundtrack as an optional dlc.

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I love the new sound track
I love the old one as well

I prefer Siptah


In general they should introduce a lot more soundtracks. They already took most tracks from Age of Conan which makes me wonder why they only took so few of them.
There are amazing and diverse tracks for all kinds of areas in AoC yet they chose to use only a handful that mostly are from the Rise of the Godslayer and Savage Coasts of Turan DLCs. The Turan music fits the Exiled Lands since it’s has a very desert-like theme to it but the RotGs soundtrack often feels out of place to me though that might come from the fact that I am so used to hear it in the Steppes of Khitai.

Especially the highlands and the north could use some of the amazing tracks from the northern regions in AoC, these regions have, in my opinion, some of the best soundtracks ever.

Completely new music would be even more amazing since I LOVE
Knut Avenstroup Haugen’s music, even after 12 years AoC still has the best soundtrack in my opinion and only a few games were able to get close to it.


Regarding the main menu and having an option setting, I think I’d prefer the game to choose the UI theme and music based on the last world you played in (so that you get to hear/see everything automatically without having to juggle an option in the settings somewhere).

-If you played the Exiled Lands last, use that UI/music.
-If you played Isle of Siptah last, use that UI/music.
-If the game detects a new expansion(s) was installed (Siptah or later ones), use the newest UI/music so the user has some good feedback confirming their new content is working and available.


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