Option to toggle UI/Menu music?

I know this is kinda dumb, obviously it’s not very important and I know you guys have waaaaay bigger fish to fry, but I really miss the old main menu. And I don’t want you guys to misunderstand. Pass this along to your devs: You did a great job with the new stuff. The look, the style, the theme… it’s fantastic. Especially that menu music; it’s phenomenal.

Thing is, I see Conan as an adventure game. The Siptah expansion’s theme and UI are dark, and give off this vibe that I’m not jiving with. I’d really dig an option to toggle back to the old theme/UI.


I miss the old Main Menu UI theme and music also. Wish we could toggle back and forth. The old music gave me a sense of adventure. That sense of adventure is why i like Conan Exiles so much.

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