Main Menu Music Suggestion

It’s not a big thing, but it would be cool if you could choose between the original and Siptah main menu music. The music for Siptah is not bad by any means, but the original menu music was so fantastic, I would sometimes just leave the screen on and just let the music loop for awhile.


Spotify does the trick for me.

That original music is boss. I want that and the OG red screen. Makes you feel like PvPing.


@dogface ,I remember from the 1st days that we had the release of Siptah on consoles I asked the same thing . Ignasis told me that he would inform the team about it . So thanks for bringing this up , I really miss the old epic starting theme , I really want it back .
To be honest I asked for an option to change the theme , but if they’ll bring back the old one , it does the same for me :wink:.


This has made me crack out my Barbarian Edition Soundtrack. Now I’m pumped up but also wistful, weeping and happy. :wink:


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