Music that gets you in the mood for Conan Exiles

I thought it might be nice to have a random thread of music suggestions that people might enjoy. It doesn’t have to be Conan related, it doesn’t even really have to be stuff that gets you in the mood for Conan, but I thought that might be a nice link.

I figured I’ll start with perhaps the most obvious one of all (with the exception of the movie soundtrack) -

(Conan Exiles Song Unleashed - Neebs Gaming)

This next one’s a bit more Tolkein than Conan, but still hits that fantasy mood :slight_smile:

(Misty Mountains - Peter Hollens and Tim Foust)

Edit: Hmm, not sure why the videos aren’t showing up. May have to give up on this idea…
Edit 2: Hopefully the videos actually show up now - I’ve added the titles beneath, so people can at least look on youtube if I’ve still somehow failed to link the videos correctly…


Hi good idea
But…video not available
Just for the fun to heat the arena

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Nice :slight_smile: Definite tribal feel to it that works very well.

Hopefully the videos should now be correctly linked (still not sure what I did wrong the first two attempts, lol)

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Also I miss that bright red menu screen. This theme used to get me so motivated!!


So good. Thank you for posting that - I have really missed it. This Siptah stuff’s all well and good enough, but this track is how to journey to the Exiled Lands :slight_smile:

I seem to remember someone campaigning back when the login screen and theme changed to let us pick our own. We should resurrect that idea :slight_smile:

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I’m not here to derail your music thread, music’s my bag. However, someone made a “kid gets PUMPED” meme a while back that had that music playing. It, shall we say, captured the moment!

The entire Conan Exiles Soundtrack is something I play in the background when I’m getting ready for Raid on a busy evening. The highs, the lows, the Majesty of it.

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Nah, feel free to derail to your hearts content. These off-topic threads are just meant to be whatever people want to make of them :slight_smile: Stick the meme in if you can find it, it sounds cool.

I must admit, the original soundtrack is just so good in so many places. There’s so many of the themes that I hear them and they bring up immediate associations to atmospheres and places.

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Before I go wreck some face at Flotsam I crank this number:

Then I slide down the topsails instead!


Does Modding count?

The Hu, Wadruna, Skald.


Nice! Yuve Yuve Yu

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They must bring it back it was so much better then the new theme.


I was going to post this one! Last of the Mohicans has such an epic score!


I remember the day my wife told me about the Hu. I was like ummm The Who has been around forever, how did you forget them? We watched Tommy multiple times

And she say no the Hu.

To which I replied “Oh you must be talking about the Guess Who! Now I get it”

At which point she told me to shut up and turned on a song by the Hu :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Barnes Nice. I shall have to check out some more Dropkick Murphys, that was fun. (In similar vein, you might enjoy ‘The Longest Johns’ covers of ‘Sally Maclennane’ and ‘Irish Rover’ - both quite fun covers). (Actually, on the pirate theme, I can highly recommend ‘Ye Banished Privateers’ - although might be worth mentioning that ‘Rowing with one hand’ and ‘First night back in port’ are probably NSFW, depending on colleagues…)

Absolutely :slight_smile:
I was aware of The Hu, but I thought Skald looked familiar as well - turns out she did a sea shanty with the Longest Johns, so that’s why I know the name. I shall have to look into some of her own stuff :slight_smile:

@Kent I had never noticed before how well that fits with the CE soundtrack. I think if you played both to someone that didn’t know either, they’d be hard-pressed to figure out which one wasn’t from CE :slight_smile:

@darthphysicist Interesting - not something I’d have immediately associated, lol. But it’s got a fun energy :slight_smile:

Song of durin ofc… The best thing i listen while farming… Also the song i like when i prepare stuff (like armours, foods etc)…

Love the acapella one and i find it as a perfect song for in betweens (rest is just heavy metal for meXD)…

To all who would love to hear a deep empowering song…

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If you had only seen what I’ve seen with your eyes…

Well, you’ve confused me, lol. I’m not sure if you’re making a joke, quoting something or making a philosophical statement :slight_smile:


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