Favourite songs while playing conan exiles :D

Lets share :smiley:

Crown in swine - red fang



Yessss this is a great question. :b
For Conan Exiles in particular, I’ll listen to a lot of Drum & Bass, particularly liquid D&B.
I’ll listen to a lot of Brookes Brothers right now when I play. One of my favorite tracks by them.


Nothing… just in-game music and silence, with winds and back drop noise. XD
I play game with Headphones.

If i have massive amount of building to do, NIN, Gwar, Silversun pickups, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax etc etc etc.
Or Symphony music. Everything from movie soundtracks to Beethoven, To Uematsu.

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Depends on where I am. Up north, lots of Thereon “Secret of the Runes” and Valkyrie Profile soundtracks.

Down south in the sands, a playlist of songs from Black Panther, Aladdin, Lion King and such.
And if I am near my Pyramids down near the Galleon I have to hear this at least once:

I’m usually listening to some EDM, Techno, Dubstep, Nightcore type music to keep me grinding when I’m feeling lazy.

Dnb or old school rock for instance: pacman ram trilogy remix, omni trio renegade snares, spor, led Zeppelin stairway to heaven, lynyrd skynyrd free bird and when purge happens black sabbath war pigs

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Funcom did a good job with the ingame soundtracks, I usually listen to the game music when Im playing, but I particulary hate all combat musics… they are just… stupid. They really dont fit the game at all, maybe the beginning when you have nothing but a lincloth, chest wraps and a stone axe. But later on those tribal musics and drums just dont fit anymore. They REALLY need better music for combats, something more epic, something more like what we hear in fantasy games and Conan movies.

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Great topic. I love the music of Conan Exiles/AOC so much, when I move out of a region ingame, I start to miss the soundtrack!

For long sessions, like Frozen North, Launch, Taming, etc. where I played for 16-17 hours, I’ll actually put on a language tape in the background. Regular longplay is a custom mix of world music, and Raid Window I’ll usually queue up a cool movie playlist like 12 Monkeys, Brazil and GATTACA to play on the PS4 and the big screen to my left.

I listen to kpop. :laughing:

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Classics like C&C: Red Alert “Hellmarch” when grinding out rocks.

I also love any D&B featuring Veela and Laura Brehm.

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If im not in comp I have Spotify blasting. Usually with these playlists/albums.

New Music Fridays
Discover Weekly
Rap Caviar
Anything Young Thug or ASAP Rocky
9Apps Lucky Patcher VidMate

The Longest Journey: Wolf (unreleased song)

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I often listen to the Age of Conan soundtrack while playing.

K/DA Popstars. :star2:
An (Epic)example where game craftsmanship, creativity and devotion come together.

Note, this is a promotion for a LOL dlc.
How ruling is that.

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