Soundtrack background/ambient music

Every once in a while the game plays this very peaceful background music with a guitar and a piano I think. I’ve been searching all over the web for it but can not find it. I’m hoping someone here knows which song I’m talking about and has a name or even better, a link.


Where in the game did you hear this music?

Almost all songs on the game belongs to Age of Conan soundtrack. You can make a search on google and find it easily.

I heard it the most time in the jungle in the east, but I’m sure it was played in the dessert aswell, around the main Black Hand camp.

I think you can maybe find the music in this playlist :

Or here :

But without more details I cant help more.

Yeah definitely check out some of those AoC soundtracks! If you don’t hear it in there I’ll see if I can find a dev who may know which you’re referring to.

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I skiped through the playlists but I don’t think it was among them. I know I don’t have much to go on. I will try record it when it comes on the next time and find a way to share it here.
But thanks for your help so far

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Oh yeah that’d be perfect! Next time I’m in that area I’ll keep an ear out as well and see if I know the one you’re talking about.

The Sands of Forgetfulness Tortage Beach

At night
it’s not safe outside
You’ll die
And lose your stuff

My own lyrics from May, 2017

I’m still searching for the song, but my gaming buddy is visiting over the weekend, so I’m not playing

One of the tracks is definitely from the old pc game Cleopatra, the Egyptian spin off of Caeser.

So, I finally have a recording of it. I hope you can listen to it. I uploaded it to my Google drive, but I can’t post the link here and I can’t upload the mp4 itself. What do I do?

Here, try now. I adjusted your account so you can do that now.

Thank you, here are the files

I was right! The version of “Sands of Forgetfulness - Tortage Beach” from The Barbarian Edition is the one you want.

That seems to be the one, but I only find it on youtube from the Hyborian Adventures and there it is a flute or a saxophon playing. Even the one labled as Conan Exiles is like that and not the one from the game. And I can’t find one from the Barbarian Edition :frowning_face:

The Barbarian Edition is a very nice addition to one’s digital library. I have enjoyed the two soundtracks quite a lot, plus I wear the t-shirt too.

The orchestral version on the web from 2008 is actually pretty interesting, but can be jarring to people fully enmeshed in the CE version. I won’t nerd out on the musicality of Mr Haugen, but the solo seems to almost “corrupt” a woodwind into something serpentine and unexpected. It’s almost a genre bender in itself.

The guitar-lead version from Conan Exiles is actually why I return to certain areas to build a permanent home! Glad you like it too.

I love it, I would like to have it on my phone. But I still can’t find this version. To bad really

I haven’t played the soundtrack yet, but I did find a soundtrack folder in the install directory. I’ll post a path when I get back home.

I’m playing on PS4, so that’s not an option for me