Poitain Music from Age of Conan needs to be in Conan Exiles

The song “Awash in the Golden Fields of Poitain” needs to come back in Conan Exiles! It was the most moving piece of music I had ever seen in a video game.


You’d be surprised how many tracks from AoC made it into CE. This one might even be too, just not used anywhere currently.

I was playing AoC again recently, and many many sounds and effects are reused in Conan Exiles. As well as some of the visuals. For example I noticed the standing torch (the stick with three more sticks bundled around it), the brazier, and ancient brazier are all from AoC. Also some of the clicks, bumps, and other UI sounds tend to play in there as well.

The Avatar summoning music is some battle music from AoC. This one in particular gave me a giggle because it played when I was fighting a low level spider. And it wasn’t a giant spider, just a large Australian sized spider, so not entirely an unrealistic monstrous size. But the music was way way too epic for the fight lol.

I’d have to take a gander around the devkit, but I’m pretty certain most of the AoC songs are in there. Not 100% sure on that though.

Yes of course! :slight_smile: The most obvious one is AoC’s Tortage music when you go in the jungle in Conan Exiles.

They could use the Poitain song if they ever expand or populate the savannah fields to the west of the map (north of Sepermeru / south of Mound of the Dead). No, they must use it :joy:.

For non-Aussies, regular Australian spiders are giant spiders.

Are our spiders really that big? :man_shrugging:t2:

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